[updated] End of the weekend: Sunday 30 December 2018

Congratulations to Sarah and Scot on their wedding … and well done for not doing it on a match day!

St George’s Tournament: Monday evening is deadline (yes or no)

U9s with Martyn yes for 29 June 7v7 10am first game

U11s with Rob and Timmy yes for 28 July 9v9 2pm first game

U10s with Pip and Andrew yes for 27 July 9v9 10am first game

I have admin enquiries and this is the last chance to hear from other groups with a yes or no. Those wanting an overnight stay will need to appoint a delegate to sort the accommodation which works out about £8 per person (pretty simple, Philippe can advise). I am not being rude, but I really am too busy to keep chasing people. No obligation for anybody but Monday evening will be the cut off point. Thank you DH

Birthday greetings today to Jaime Littlejohn!

Well done to the Under 7s yesterday in their first-ever match despite fielding just a bare 5 players.

Thanks to Trev and Brian for engaging the mixed U9s on Saturday morning … these sessions are very worthwhile for learning and club gelling and, if any players, of any teams, want daytime training at the club during this crazy break, let me know and you will be catered for. DH

St George’s Tournament: last shout now as I am not going to keep asking your managers and admin. Interest from the U10s (27 July 9v9) but I need answers please. It’s yes or no time. Definitely going are the Under 11s (28 July 9v9) and the Under 9s (29 June 7v7).

The clubhouse is not open normal hours in the run-up to the New Year but if anyone wants training or to collect bags/garments etc please let me know.

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