Thursday 10 January 2019: team reps wanted

“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them in parliament.” – Vladimir Lenin

Training as per the schedule tonight (please refer to the Events & Fixtures page if in any doubt)

No working phone at moment … please email … thanks DH

We will soon be having our next Youth Teams Forum with all children’s teams from the very little ones through to the U16s the focus of attention. Each team should have a team rep/Respect ambassador and we are appealing for parents to come forward and be an ear and a voice for their respective squads. At present, several teams do not have a dedicated rep and this often means there is no-one to cascade information or indeed put across a point of view on behalf of parents/children. Meetings are only held about three times a year but there are lots of little things that you can communicate with your manager, fellow parents and of course players. Managers are more than welcome but the main intention is not to discuss the playing side, more policies,  procedures and ideas for the future. The important thing is that all sides are represented … this avoids misunderstandings and enables us all to share matters both of concern and celebration. This is an exciting juncture in our club’s history with expansion and new facilities on the horizon. Come and have your say and play a tangible part. The next get-together will be announced on the Events and Fixtures page within a week or so. Further details about taking part in our future from Dave Homewood or Lisa Copham.

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