Friday 1 February 2019

Winner! we have a winner of yesterday’s burger and beer competition: Sunday firsts manager Gary Gibbs. Well done G. Click on Comments to see Gary’s answer.

Weather watch … pitch inspection updates on here first!

ALL ACTIVITIES AT WATERSIDE ARE OFF THIS WEEKEND … only two away matches still on!

Shane’s last inspection gets under way this afternoon … sorry, no chance! If anyone has a problem with Shane’s decision, he invites you to ring him on 07980786421.

At 5pm Friday, only two games remain on as far as we know: U11s at Pilgrims; Sun Res at Park Farm … but don’t hold your breath!

U8s Colts Saturday OFF

U8s Saturday is OFF

U9 Colts at Headcorn OFF

U9sDVS at Mersham OFF

U9s at Charing OFF

U10s at home OFF

U10 Colts at Charing OFF

U12s Saturday is OFF

U13s Saturday is OFF

U14s Saturday is OFF

U16s at High Halden OFF

Sunday firsts at home OFF

Please don’t keep texting, ringing or planting messages on Facebook … any news on the pitch inspections at Waterside will be published on this forum first. Shane is the officer that makes the call and his decision is final. Thank you.

1pm Friday … waiting for Grant and Brian to mark out as the rain has almost cleared the snow! Shane’s next inspection about 2.30pm
The MUGA at 1pm Friday
Pretty at dawn … but a damn nuisance!
Early Friday morning at Waterside
February 2015 at Waterside … are we in for a white weekend?

Under 11s squad to face Pilgrims on Saturday

Preston, William, Kieran B, Timmy, Daniel, Alfie, Harrison, Charlie, Sam, Thomas, Matteo, Josh

Message from Lisa: can all teams please ensure they finish on time at external training venues. This will enable all teams to have their full hour. Many thanks.

Twenty-four years ago … name the 18 in the photo!

Burger and beer for the first to comment on here with all 18 names correct! The date is 20 March 1994

4 thoughts on “Friday 1 February 2019

  1. Damien morse. Steve Wilson Kevin king. Mr Homewood and mr barling haig miles darryl lindrige staurt Fuller peter interi. Paul Barham
    Johno Micheal Perk’s Bj Winnie mr Holloway and young jack Jeff barling and baby Holloway


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