Thursday 7 February 2019: every little helps/Fletcher returns

Under 11s squad for Saturday at home to TSS

Preston, Harrison, Charlie, Ben, Sam, Thomas, Abdel, Matteo, Kieran B, Amin, Daniel, William Josh, Timmy, Aralis

Training Thursday as per the schedule (if in doubt refer to the Events & Fixtures page)

Green jackets in the clubhouse waiting for collection

053 Ali; 054 Amin; 077 Kodi Theobald; 153 Cameron Edwards had; 237 Harrison Petken; 360 Adrian F; 396 Arilas; 397 Eraldus; 453 Oliver Cole; 522 Ronnie Judge; 523 Alfie Judge; 535 Jake Brown; 541 Aleks P; 547 Harry Chapple

Club bags still in the clubhouse waiting for collection

422 Nelson U16s; 533 Leo Downing; 1465 Bobby Welsh-Close

Bromley Green FC calls out for votes to bag a share of Tesco’s bag fund.
Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 raised from carrier bag sales in Tesco stores awarded to local community projects.
Three groups in every Tesco region are shortlisted to receive the cash award and shoppers are being invited to head along to Tesco stores to vote for who they think should take away the top grant.
Bromley Green FC is one of the groups on the shortlist as they plan for expansion of provision for players with disabilities and increased female participation.
Voting will be open in the Tenterden Tesco stores in March/April and customers will cast their vote using a token given to them at the check-out in store each time they shop.
Tesco’s Bags of Help project has already delivered over £63 million to more than 20,000 projects across Britain.

Under 10s defy the drizzle

BGFC U10s at training last night

Fletch returns … former manager to take U7s

Affable Charlie Fletcher will be back in the fold soon with a new challenge … to bring along the very young ones as next season’s Under 7s. With Alex taking the current Under 7s into the league next term as Under 8s, former player and manager Charlie is the ideal person for the kids. Practice at Waterside will start once the clocks change … so all you 5 and 6 year olds get ready!

Bowled over

The U13s will be using some of their sponsored penalty money to go bowling on Saturday when they have a free date. One or two other teams have ‘bits’ remaining so speak to DH if you need equipment or a few treats.

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