Monday soon comes around …

Training tonight as per the schedule for the U14s at Waterside and the U9s at Pitchside; both with 6pm starts.

Despite the weather causing havoc with the fixtures again, plenty of fun at the club over the weekend and thanks to those who supported the clubhouse. Terrific shows by the Under 12s and BGV Adults.

Goalkeeper needed now for the U7s ready for next season’s league campaign

Manager Alex Hebbes is searching for a keeper as the U7s squad prepares to enter the the league next season as Under 8s. The squad has impressed in friendlies and has a good balance plus an eye for goal (eight on Saturday!) but a specialist goalie is needed. Any parent whose child might wish to try their hand with us is welcome to contact Alex on 07740363519 for further details; or just turn up for outdoor training with a 6pm start at Repton Community School on Thursday.

Great tournament day for the Bromley Green Valiants at Faversham

Report from Debby Claber on the C team at Faversham

Memorable day for Gemma

There are definite advantages that we have over BGV A and BGV B. Yesterday demonstrated this quite clearly, as we left the other two squads to the 3g and the very cold wind, to go into a warm, draft-free hall to play our games!

We had 2 teams to play against, and the format changed slightly as a result, to give everyone more playing time. So longer games but with a halftime to catch breath.
First game, against Milton, we knew was going to be the more challenging of the two and praise to all players who dealt with and contained their frustrations around it. We kept the pace up throughout. Jordon managed to get 3 past their goalie and Adam was unlucky, with several near misses. Owen (our wonder goalie!) stayed resolute in the face of some extremely powerful shots and did us proud. The final result did not go our way, but our players didn’t give up.

Second game was much more evenly matched, against Maidstone. Adam finally overcame his unlucky streak and got the ball into the net, with Jordon again providing the other goals.

One loss, one win. Good play from all and some excellent teamwork. Player of the tournament went to Gemma, who was absolutely solid, getting herself into spaces,shouting clearly for the ball and passing it precisely to her teammates, as well as never giving up in her determination to get the ball off the opposition.

Sleeping Beauties!

Jordon and his forty winks
All too much for sleeping giant Grant

Bromley Green Valiants B Squad report from David Spencer

A damp start to the day, certainly did not dampen our spirits.
Match 1 was against Maidstone United Raiders Copper. From the go we commanded this match and several close attempts were eventually rewarded with one of the slowest goals by Kane, on the edge of the area there was a bit of a scrum of players but Kane tap the ball to roll slowly into the corner. Match ended 1-0 to us.

Match 2 was against Sheppey United, this was a great closely fought match as despite being a player down we held our own. In the dying moments a long ball played out from Sheppey’s keeper fell kindly to their striker and they slotted one in past us despite Aaron’s gritty determination to try and prevent this late goal. Match ended 1-0 to Sheppey.

Match 3 was against Maidstone United Nickel. The previous match had taken its toll on our legs and we had to defend deep. We did have a few chances but these were saved. Caught on the break twice saw Maidstone capitalise on both occasions and this match ended 2-0 to the Stones.

Match 4 was against Maidstone’s final team Maidstone Steel. For the first time all day we faced even player numbers, despite Maidstone having to borrow a player from another team. This game was perhaps the only time all day that the scoreline did not accurately reflect the game. Josh had at least 4 powerful and accurate shots but Maidstone’s keeper was certainly in his “A game” Maidstone also had a couple of chances which our keeper Ashley confidently kept out of the net. This game demonstrated how great goalkeeping makes a huge difference. Final score 0-0

Match 5 was against Anchorians.
This was our penultimate match of the day. Fatigue had fully set in at this point and Anchorians made good use of their substitutes bringing on some fresh legs at the tail end of the game that was rewarded with a late goal. Final score 1-0 to Anchorians.

Despite the damp conditions and being a player short throughout the day, we demonstrated determination and never let our heads go down – so well done lads. A great debut from Josh on his return to the club and we look forward to our next tournament.

Man of the tournament went to Aaron for his gritty determination, and not giving up at the back, when often defending alone.

Congratulations Aaron with David Spencer

Aaron Maul reports from the Abbey School, Faversham

Our first game was against Charton Deaf who have looked quite strong of late and always give us a game. However, we managed to win quite comfortably. Grant scored one from a cut back from Cam finishing the game 1-0.

Well done Gemma – C team Player of the Tournament with Aiden Daniel

Next was against Canterbury and we had a stroke of luck as they had a player down with a second feeling a bit injured. With this we dominated the game and won comfortably, Cam scored 2 with Grant and Stuart got one each too. 4-0 final score.

The second Charlton team were next, which again was a perfectly winnable game and proved that way with Cam getting another and seeing out 1-0.

Lastly was Swanscombe which with a win would have taken us top leapfrogging the at the top of the table. It was tough from the start but we were on top for the start of the game, but conceded following a corner and lost 1-0.

Great tournament the best we have played all season, couldn’t be happier, we climbed into touching distance of the top of the table all being a player down. Our man of the tournament goes to Harrison for having a great week and, despite hurting a finger again, still played the last three games to see us through.

Well done Harrison despite finger trouble

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