Tuesday 12 February 2019

Training tonight as per the schedule (refer to the Events & Fixtures page if in doubt)

Casserole especially for Danielle this evening after training at Waterside! Dave’s special Korker Kasserole, with beans, onions and gravy … smells lovely Danielle! (oh and chips of course)

Please come and collect: clubhouse open Tuesday and Wednesday 5pm to 7.30pm. Managers can you please encourage players not to leave  garments lying around here. Thank you

T-shirts Medium Youth
379 Olly Rump
542 Ben Agar
543 Callum Witt
546 Jacob Maciolek
522 Ronnie Judge
538 Max Randall

T-shirts Extra Large Youth
396 Arilas
526 Sam Ifeakor

T-shirts Small Adult
540 Elliott Dalton
545 J Corrigan

T-shirts Medium Adult
541 Arilas

T-shirts Large Adult
099 Louis Burton

St Georges teams … the weather has meant I hardly see some of you but all the paperwork and deposits appreciated as soon as possible please. I will be at the club today (Tuesday) from 5pm and also Wednesday from 5pm so please either pop in personally or ensure your manager or admin has the necessary. Thank you DH

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