Midweek with McDonalds

Wednesday training is all as per the schedule (refer to Events & Fixtures page if in doubt)

I will open the clubhouse for the BG Valiants adult training at 5pm Wednesday DH

Thanks to Danielle Burgess and young Jack M for helping with the kitchen last night

Confirmation of the younger age groups ADYL tournament days at Waterside, Homelands, New Romney and Charing

U7 Pacific- 16th March @ Bromley Green
U8 Atlantic- 23rd March @ Homelands
U8 Pacific- 30th March @ Bromley Green
U9 Atlantic- 6th April @ New Romney
U9 Pacific and U7 Atlantic- 13th April @ Charing

Please come and collect! (Open Wednesday 13 February 2019 from 3-7.30pm)

The following are waiting in the clubhouse for collection … please come and gather asap … thanks

Green Jackets

UK 152 12YR

546 Jacob

260 Lilly Wood

549 Spencer Saunders

526 Sam Ifeakor

UK 164 14YR

1272 Joshua Jeffreys

UK Small Adult x3

545 Jake Corrigan

540 Elliott Dalton

345 Toby Galton


548 Brian Jenkins

Polo shirts

Polo shirts XLY

360 Adrian F

396 Arilas

526 Sam Ifeakor

527 William Spiers

Polo shirts MY

238 Nicolas Lemiszek

522 Ronnie Judge

538 Max Randall

397 Eraldus

Polo shirts SA

142 Elliott Grace

540 Elliott Dalton

Polo shirts MA

239 James Yaxley

541 Aleks P

Polo shirts LA

099 Louis Burton


T-shirts Medium Youth

379 Olly Rump

542 Ben Agar

543 Callum Witt

546 Jacob Maciolek

522 Ronnie Judge

538 Max Randall

T-shirts Extra Large Youth

396 Arilas

526 Sam Ifeakor

T-shirts Small Adult

540 Elliott Dalton

545 J Corrigan

T-shirts Medium Adult

541 Arilas

T-shirts Large Adult

099 Louis Burton

Spring Greens can’t wait to get going!

Won’t be long now and the new Under 7s will be training … you know who can’t wait!

All you 5-year-olds coming up for 6 years by next September, get ready as the new U7s will soon begin training at Waterside. Manager Charlie Fletcher is waiting for the clocks to change and then it’s full steam ahead. Full details on this website nearer the time – but get all your mates ready! Initially email dhomewood@yahoo.com for further updates.

Meanwhile, Alex and the current U7s are buzzing and hopefully a few injuries will clear up for a good turn-out at Repton on Thursday 6pm. Keen boys and girls are always welcome and the manager is particularly keen on a specialist keeper joining the ranks for the summer tournaments and of course next season’s entry into the league. The squad will be taking part in the U7s ADYFL tournament hosted by the Green … more details later.

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