Monday 25 February 2019

Happy birthday today to Tracey Glendinning!

Clubhouse will be open for a couple of hours today from 10am if anyone needs to pick up garments, forms etc or just chat

Before … and after thanks to James Porter

… can we keep it this way please? James and myself will be at the club tomorrow morning if anyone is gagging to help out with our early spring tidy-up

Last of the weekend reports from Matt Church (U11s)

It was such a lovely morning with the sun shining and I think the players were all in half term mode still as for the first 15 minutes they were all still asleep. Then the alarm clock must have gone off and they all woke up. The whole team then started where they left off the previous week with some brilliant confident goalkeeping and strong assured defending at the back excellent passing and movement in the middle and some great skillfull finishing up front. So proud of this group of players their attitude, hard work and enjoyment for the game is fantastic they have all and still are improving every week.
BG squad: Harry, Max, Harvey, Lilly, Bobby (1 goal), Ellis (1 goal), Riley (3 goals). 

Father and son delight for our McDonalds PoM
The U11s who were in fine form on Saturday

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