All HOME games off on Saturday


Pitch update from Shane on Friday night

All HOME fixtures are OFF … for away games refer to the Events & Fixtures page

Training can go ahead as long as not on the playing surfaces

Fox Sunday v Bromley Green is OFF with Sandyacres unfit for play

Urgent update: sad news from Nancy is that Weald Wolves Blue have withdrawn from the League … therefore, no game for the Under 16s on Saturday

Happy birthday Friday to Martyn Dalby and Charlie Jupp!

Friday morning early and we still have some games on … desperate now for some dry weather! Fixture amendments and revised training arrangements as they occur will be published on the Events & Fixtures page.

Update Friday night: all HOME games are off on Saturday. Shane will inspect again on Saturday afternoon in respect of Sunday’s home Reserve game.

Clubhouse open Friday 8am – midday only

Under 7s: note you now have a game on Saturday even though the tournament is off (refer to Events & Fixtures page)

Under 13s and Under 14s: note you have training sessions on Saturday (for times, refer to the Events & Fixtures page)

Under 9 Colts great night out at McDonalds

McDonalds Manager Dave King, who praised the U9 Colts for their behaviour on Thursday evening
Tommy … Mr King isn’t keen on that shirt!

Focus on the Under 11s

Hawkinge squad for Saturday with Rob

Preston, Alfie, Harrison, Sam, Thomas,
Matteo, William, Daniel, Kavalli 

New Romney  squad for Saturday with Tim

Josh, Charlie, Timmy, Arilas, Abdel,
Kieran B, Ben, Dexter, Lenny 

Meeting times are on the Events & Fixtures page

Birthday greetings Thursday to Tasha Carter, Louise Cotton, Tyler Temple and Archie Mansfield

Thursday night 6pm: McDonalds High Street treat for the Under 9 Colts. Please wear your club jackets and all on best behaviour of course!

ADYFL U7s Pacific/Atlantic Tournament at Waterside on Saturday – sorry but due to the recent heavy rain and the miserable forecast this event has been put back to a later date to be arranged

BG Adult Valiants friendly on Saturday has been called off by David and Pat after considering the weather forecast

Decisions re the fitness of pitches for this weekend will be announced on this website first and Shane’s ruling is final

Sunday Reserves at home to Pilgrims is still on now we have found a referee … note kick off at the earlier time of 10.15am with a meeting time in the clubhouse of 9.15am

New definition of democracy: Government of the people, by the MPs, for the MPs

Please come and collect from the clubhouse

Club bags

049 Gemma Johnstone

142 Elliot Grace

238 Nicholas Lemieszek

239 James Vaxley Chamber

496 Paul Johnstone

549 Spencer Saunders

900 AbdelRahman Hellah

901 Kavalli Anderson

Green Jackets

142 SA     Elliot Grace

239  MA   James Yaxley Chambers

238 8yr   Nicolas L

347  14yr Phoebe

498  14yr Tommy Taylor

538  12yr Max Randall

900  12yr AbdelRahman Hellah

901 12yr Kavalli Anderson

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