Monday 18 March 2019

Training for the U14s and U9s Monday evening as per the schedule

Birthday greetings today to Cameron Edwards!

BGV Adults Tournament reports from 17 March 2019 

Bromley Green’s Aaron Small in tournament action on Sunday morning … more photos to follow

Bromley Green A side (Aaron Maul)

First game was against Swanscombe and it should have been the toughest game but we dominated throughout. A windy run and cool finish from Toby put us ahead and we didn’t look like conceding after. Final score 1-0 

Second game was against Canterbury always a tough team but this time was really difficult. They made the most of their extra man and continued to get behind easily. They scored controversially from a throw but in the scheme of things meant nothing. Final score 0-3.

Next was against Maidstone a game we should in theory be winning but they frustrated us with half chances and wayward shots. Nothing much to say about it final score 0-0.

Lastly was Charlton, a bit of a tired performance. We did score one goal from a corner off of Toby’s head. Final score 1-0.

Man of the match was Toby for two goals and making sure it all ticked over as well as possible.

Bromley Green B side (David Spencer)

Match 1 vs Sheppey United 

Unusually we were the first kick today and we faced a team that all season we have struggled against. Today we had even numbers of players both sides. From the kick off we pressed forward and was rewarded with an early goal which was well taken by Kane.

After this early goal to game settled down and it was very even. Unfortunately, towards the end of the match two long balls found their striker who confidently put both away.

Match ended BG 1 Sheppey 2

Match 2 vs Maidstone United Raiders Steel.

This game was played with good possession and many, many chances that we could not put away. Both Kane and David got the post several times.

Match ended BG 0 Maidstone Steel 0

Match 3 vs Maidstone Raiders Nickel 

This game was played well by both teams and Ashley in goal pulled off some great saves to keep us in the game. David has a few chances but just could not find the net. Match ended BG 0 Maidstone Nickel 0

Match 4 vs Maidstone Raiders Copper

For this match we played Ashley on pitch and David in goal and with Ashley’s fresh legs he covered the whole pitch really well and managed to pick up the majority of the loose balls. Great team link up in this game enabled Kane to put 2 goals away confidently. 

Match ended BG 2 Maidstone Copper 0

Match 5 vs Anchorians

Due to the success of having Ashley on the field from the last match we decided to repeat our formula. We got off to a great start and most of the game was played in our oppositions half.

Unfortunately, the game ended early when one of Anchorians players went down injured after a 50/50 ball. Match we believe ended as a draw.

Man of the Tournament was Kane today for his great finishing and gutty determination all day. 

Bromley Green C side (Debbie Claber)

With today’s icy wind, the squad were absolutely delighted to be playing indoors and away from the cold.  With that positive start, the day continued along similar cheerful lines.  A first game against Milton was going to be our tougher game of the two,but the game against Maidstone was one that was more evenly matched for us.  Both games had some excellent passing between Paul, Gemma and Adam, and Gemma’s knack for finding space and calling for the ball reliably is a joy.  With Jordon upfront, determined to put the ball in the direction of the net, and luckily into the net a couple of times too, we have had another successful day.  Owen, as always, was solid in goal and dealt nicely with some powerful shots against him.  

Well done too, to Adam and Gemma, who both volunteered to help Maidstone out in the final game of the day, against Milton.  There was a bit of a “mission” between both clubs to get a result, and Adam’s determination (which had been present all day) finally got him, and Maidstone, the goal and result that everyone was hoping for!  Man of the Tournament is Adam, for keeping his determination throughout the day, playing resiliently whenever his chances didn’t quite come off, and for being sporting enough to help out another squad as they lost players during the morning.

Thank you again to everyone, players and parents/families.

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