Tuesday 14 May 2019

Green boys like a good Emirates wind-up!

Spurs supporters at The Emirates before Sunday’s tournament! Scroll down for more images

Under 14s to play in the Camber Sands Tournament

Great new for the Under 14s who have accepted an invitation to participate in the prestigious Camber Sands Football Tournament over the weekend of 25 and 26 May 2019. A great experience for the squad who this Saturday feature in a mini tournament at Wye.

McDonalds tonight for our Under 11s

6pm at McDonalds High Street tonight for all the under 11s … best behaviour please and don’t be late! A sample of your new McDonalds- sponsored kit will be presented by restaurant manager Dave King. Free meals as usual for the BG U11 players.

Get better soon Will / youngsters deserve praise / talking rubbish

Firstly, we wish a speedy recovery and return to action for William Spiers who has unfortunately broken his arm. William has been working hard lately to improve his game and will be desperate to play in our own tournament on 1 and 2 June.

Secondly, a massive thank you to Damion’s two boys who retrieved match and training footballs from the river on Monday night. Well worth the sweets it cost me! Home or away, we just continue to lose footballs week after week.

Thirdly, Damion asks that people take their litter to the bins – incredible that adults walk past the tins, bottles and wrappers on their way back to the clubhouse. Is it asking too much to keep the area around the pitches clear of rubbish? On Sunday, Damion and his children picked up two full black bags of crap and Shane clears the area on a regular basis.

Under 7s – you have a tournament this coming Saturday

Alex Hebbes and the Under 7s are in tournament action at Sandyacres this coming Saturday. Training at Waterside as usual on Thursday 6pm. Full training and friendly schedule for this week is on the Events & Fixtures page.

More photos from a memorable day – The Emirates with the U9DVS team (12 May 2019)

The famous clock

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