Tuesday 25 June 2019

Birthday greetings today to Lashman!

Training Tuesday is as per the Events & Fixtures page … the weather forecast is good so all training will be on


Still need a representative for Thursday at the Ashford Charity Trophy AGM. It is at the Hare & Hounds 7.30pm. Can we gave a volunteer please. Nancy is kindly representing us tonight at the Ashford & District Saturday League AGM (Sandyacres 8pm) and Gary G is attending the Sunday League AGM on Wednesday (Sandyacres 7.45pm).

ADVANCE NOTICE: NOTE NO GOALKEEPER TRAINING ON THURSDAY THIS WEEK DUE TO WORK COMMITMENTS … please spread the word to those who cba to read the website … thank you

Jack is on the look out …

Jacq on the look out for the bread rolls!
The U11s who played up a year at the weekend tournament and gave a good account of themselves

Raffle prizes still to be collected from the clubhouse (if not taken by the end of this week, we will re-raffle them as they are in the way now) Thank you

Tony Nelson: Shot Pong (whatever that is!)

Toby & Will: Thorntons Chocolates and Gift Set

Caz Prior: Bath luxuries

Roger (Cayden’s dad) U12s: Dove set

Martyn Smith: Bubble wand

Kelly Bridge: Men’s Dove set

Jerilee: Wine

Alex Clay: Gift set x 2 prizes won

Rylan BGV Juniors: Gift set

Sue Glover: 3 cans wine

Martyn Smith: Imagine Voucher

Jerilee: Haircut – Man Care Voucher

Toby and Will: Bowling session Voucher

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