Thursday 27 June 2019

Happy 17th birthday today to Ashley Fedder (aka Ivan Campo), young Oliver McRobert and Tottenham’s Dan Vidler!

Thanks to those who trained and also those who attended the meeting on Wednesday night

Training Thursday is as per the schedule on the Events & Fixtures page – but don’t forget no goalkeeper training for today due to work commitments

Weekend opening hours: if any manager needs the clubhouse open early Saturday morning, please let me know as I am not manning the place from 7.30am on the off chance that teams meet there. We will of course be open for teams coming back after events for their PoT awards and for those meeting for the afternoon slots at TSS or Pilgrims. On Sunday, we intend opening at 9am but if need be I can open early doors … all I ask is that managers/admin let me know what is going on. Thank you. DH.

Please make a note of the dates listed below now … we have given a year’s notice on the awards day and tournament … so no excuses please

AGM Wednesday 10 July 2019

Litter Pick at the three McDonalds restaurants Sunday 14 July 2019 2pm

Staff Christmas Meal Monday 16 December 2019

Annual Tournament 6/7 June 2020

Annual Awards Saturday 20 June 2020

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