Tuesday 9 July 2019 with Utilitas

Clubhouse open Tuesday from 4.30pm

Under 9s can you PLEASE receive your outstanding awards tonight when you sign in. I have organised two presentation events already. Those to collect their trophies are as follows

U9s Most Improved Player Callum Noakes

U9s Sportsperson Olly Rump

Mark Stanley Award Martyn Smith

Birthday greetings Tuesday to Stacey Carlzy Burgess and James Branch!

Please make sure containers are locked securely when training finishes … thank you

Tournaments: hope you have mostly enjoyed them this season. Only two remaining now with the U15s (Nicole) at Real 60 on 24 August and U9 Hurricanes (Alex Potts) on 1 September

Sponsors of BGFC U12s

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