End of the week …

FOR ALL REGISTRATIONS PLEASE GO THROUGH LISA COPHAM 07713450042 or email lisacopham76@gmail.com

Birthday greetings Friday to James Maguire!

Well done to all who turned out last night at Waterside

Pretty hot work at training but these U12 Pirtek boys stayed behind for their ice poles and (in Ben and Will’s cases) expensive sweets! The photo doesn’t do justice to Candy’s lovely helmet!
Tony Ward, PoM Charlie Ward and DH
Preston asked me to show you all this. It is called his ‘floating bike’ – yes, worrying isn’t it?

Thomas has his eyes on the U9s trophies!

Trophies still in the clubhouse for Olly Rump, Martyn Smith and Callum Noakes to collect

For Sunday’s Litter Picks … the clubhouse will be open for those that want to get changed into their McDonalds kits. Suggest you leave the clubhouse just after 2pm. An Executive member will be at each restaurant in addition to your managers. Shane – Orbital; Grant – Eureka; Jamie – Town. Have fun and do our club and sponsors proud. Remember – ALL BGFC youth players and families are welcome to join in. Thank you DH. PS: We are open for the World Cup Cricket Final on TV – England v New Zealand … all welcome!

Birthday greetings Thursday to Ollie Rump!

We wish a speedy recovery to Harrison who badly gashed a leg last night … no, not during training, but through arsing about on his bike! Take it you will miss training this evening then H?

Training as normal this evening as far as I am aware

EKYL Pirtek U12s: I am aware that several of you still have school commitments (especially on Thursdays for some reason) but can those who are available attend tonight please (6-7.15pm as usual). Very awkward to plan when I am not sure if 7 or 17 are going to arrive! We took a tonking on Sunday but let’s get our heads up and see what we have learned from playing a top side. Thanks DH


Fantastic news – Bromley Green’s Ella Roper and Amelia Barrett have been selected for the Kent FA Girls U14 squad. Well done!

Lots on tonight, so please all park sensibly … thank you

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