Weekend updates …

Leaving time for St George’s on Sunday is 8am sharp from the clubhouse

Clubhouse open from 9am with Toni – all training and games are on as far as I am aware. DH

Please note there are dozens of emails and texts in my inboxes and I will aim to respond to them all by the time things settle on Tuesday … please be patient!

Some photos from Saturday at a wet St George’s Parkmore to follow when time permits

Ready for the challenge … BGFC Under 10 Warriors
Charlie enjoys the moment
Becks meets his heroes Reegan and Lenny!
Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth! Jack and Liam ready for action
Sorry Sarah … but Shane insisted we publish this moment of tranquility!
You men will do as you are told!
Our only PoM aeard on Saturday … well done Henry!

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