Into the weekend with Skoda Caffyns

Clubhouse opens Saturday 9am with DH

Clubhouse opens Sunday 9am with DH

Seniors win 8-2 in pre-season friendly

Ashley Webster (2), Richard Floyd, Charlie Wallis (4), and player of the match Brad Osborne on target against Folkestone Town.

Under 9s win at the seaside

Under 9s Fantastic performance away to Margate Youth

Great display at the seaside pleased manager Tony Nelson as the Green recorded a 5-3 victory. Player of the Match Bubba (2) and Kai (3) on target. Brave show at Waterside where a Daniel Vincent strike was consolation against Hythe who ran out 5-1 victors.

Our Utilitas U12s squad recorded a 9-1 win at Appledore thanks to scores from Phoebe (3), Kieran (4) and William (2). McDonalds Player of the Match vouchers went to Phoebe and Kieran; but well done all the squad.

PLEASE don’t take kits home

Young children very distressed here Saturday morning as they have no kits to wear … some playing for the first time. When will everybody adhere to club rules and put ALL the kit in the case after games? It just isn’t fair on those little ones. Those that have left for better pastures, please make sure our Kit Officer, Leah-Ann Mooney, has your kits back so the children can be suitable kitted out. Thank you.

Good luck to all the teams playing this weekend (some home, some away)

BGV note you have training as usual on Sunday morning (both Adults and Juniors)

Still need another couple of these if anyone has spares they don’t use please

For amendments to fixtures and training, please contact your manager or admin (the Events & Fixtures page no longer exists as I have to accept people these days want to do their own thing, on their own individual whatsapps and chat groups, rather than support a general club information hub). Go to the Contact page if you need a number … thanks DH.

Please collect the following from the clubhouse Saturday if possible thank you

Coaches black jackets

XLA initials DB

XLA initials AP – paid

LM initials AH

LM initials DAMO

SM initials TN

Green jackets

LA 575 Lily Sutton

Green jackets

MA 579 Lucy Griggs

Green jackets

SA 581 Grace Gay

Green jackets

14yr (size 164) 403 Alfie Collier

14yr (size 164) 501 Joshua Bailey

Green jackets

12yr (size 152) 592 Joseph Robbins

12yr (size 152) 593 Chloe-Tia Lloyd

12yr (size 152) 603 Jessica Sorrell

12yr (size 152) 604 Joshua Sorrell

Green jackets

10yr (size 140) 474 Ben Hatcher

10yr (size 140) 464 Catalina Oldfield

10yr (size 140) 589 Patrik

10yr (size 140) 595 Daniel Ellis

10yr (size 140) 573 George Preston

10yr (size 140) 574 Daniel Smith

Green jackets

8yr (size 128) 582 Tyler G

8yr (size 128) 588 Billy-Jo

8yr (size 128) 591 Dexter

8yr (size 128) 597 George Welsby

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