Wednesday 30 October 2019

Training as per the schedule tonight (refer to Events & Fixtures page if in doubt)

Please note: I do not respond to ‘unknown caller’ and such like. Simply text who you are and, if you are legitimate, I will get back to you. No ID = No answer. Thank you. DH

Clubhouse open today from 5pm for MUGA training and meeting

Executive Committee meeting at 7.30pm tonight

Under 8s Global 6-7pm North School Hall (Alex Hebbes)

Under 9s 6-7pm MUGA (Dennis)

Under 13s (Grant), Under 14s (Sid), Under 14 Girls (Steve) North School outdoors 6-7pm [Note – Steve will be taking U13s tonight as Grant is working]

BGV Adults Ashford Prep School 8-9pm (David Spencer)

Wednesday please collect from the clubhouse (club bags)

619 Oskar Lee

611 PJ

614 Rieyaan

613 Daeyaan

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