Thursday 28 November 2019

11.45am Thursday Sunday’s ACT tie away to Nailbox – OFF as ground too wet and travellers camped on the pitch!

10am Thursday Breaking news: Len Valley have had to call off Saturday’s match as their 3G pitch has not been registered as suitable for competitive football. Sorry lads, nothing we can do about it. No point trying to switch to ours as we are organising boat trips at the moment!

Birthday greetings today to Stuart Taylor, Kai Sutton, Sarah Field and Jamie Allan!

Training as usual with one amendment: the U12s EKYL are at Pitchside 6-7pm for just this week

Christmas party tickets: with training away from the club during winter, we tend to lose touch at times, especially when the weather ruins the weekend. However, the party is nearly upon us and we need to know how many tickets have been sold please to have an idea of how much food to prepare and the number of presents Santa has to bring.

Games Bus 19 December 2019

3.15pm = Under 11s; 5pm = Under 12s EKYL; 6.45pm = Under 15s

Note the U12s EKYL session is already full up and the 16 taking part are: Alfie Masters, Amin Mawloud, Ben Hatcher, Charlie Barber, Charlie Ward, Harley White, Harrison Petken, Harvey Prior, Henry Barnes, Josh Bailey, Kris Kostov, Oliver Burrett, Preston Webb, Rieyaan Naunko, Thomas Hawkins, William Spiers.

Games on Wheels … coming to Bromley Green on Thursday 19 December

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