Executive: will update you on developments later … been a long day!

Message from Shane: can the following send him their menu choices please for the Italian meal: Brian and Sonia, Lee Williams, Charlotte Stubbs, Alex Potts. Many thanks

Information note for U11s parents

U11s: you do NOT have to provide food after the Games on Wheels Bus on 19 December. This has NEVER been stated by the Club. It is £10 to help towards the Bus cost and all food is provided free afterwards by the Club. This will include pizza, chips, sweets, soft drinks etc. Karen is in charge of the U11s Bus money. It is that simple folks. Presumably some are confused with this Saturday’s party … where parents do provide some food. If people read this official forum rather than rely on misinformation, perhaps there would be more harmony. Note U11s are too old to sit on Santa’s lap although several parents are kindly helping out with food and during the afternoon. The parties this Saturday are 2-4pm for the U6, U7 and U8 groups; for the U9 and U10 groups the time is 4.30-6.30pm. Thank you Dave Homewood

Lost! Anyone have the set of children’s numbered bibs in their kit bag please?

Clubhouse open Wednesday 1.30pm – 7.30pm

Wednesday 4pm: all Executive and team managers are welcome to a chat with a prospective new manager/coach [applicant has confirmed he will attend at 4pm so hope a few of you are able to join us]

Need cover for Dennis 6-7pm at Pitchside on Thursday for the U18s … any volunteers please?

Training Wednesday is as per the schedule

UNDER 9s: Wednesday training is ON at 6pm. Clubhouse will be open for refreshments, toilets. Damion Truelove will be taking the session as Dennis Monk is working. Children’s Christmas Party is this Saturday 2pm, so hope we are all organised lol. Clubhouse open all day from 7.30am Saturday and the Children’s Centre opens at 1pm to get things ready. Tickets should be all sold by now … any over, please bring into the clubhouse tonight Ellen Gough. Many thanks Dave Homewood.

Training Tuesday is as per the schedule

Don’t forget time is running out to get your Chirldren’s Christmas Party tickets. It is THIS SATURDAY AFTERNOON! See your admin or manager.

BG Valiants Adult C team tournament report by Debby Claber

This tournament felt a bit disjointed across the morning for all of us.  We got off to a great start in our first game, with the squad working well together and communicating between each other.  Unfortunately this didn’t last throughout the rest of the morning and was probably reflected in our results – which weren’t all bad (as I’m aware this isn’t sounding like our usual positive experience at tournaments!)  We ended up with a mix of the win, draw and losses. We had the initial win, with a fantastic goal shot in from some distance away by Paul.  Adam was unlucky several times before he finally found the back of the net; Gemma was her usual consistent self, being determined in defence; there also needs to be a quick mention to Mat, who didn’t set his phone to silent this weekend and did well for us in goal.  Luckily the teamwork reappeared for our last – and possibly hardest – game of the morning against Charlton and the communication on pitch reappeared. Player of the Tournament this time is Paul – partly for his goal (getting us the win too) but also for remaining positive and supportive of the squad throughout the morning.

Stars of the weekend: undoubtedly Alfie and Phoebe Collier who gave readings at the Community Carol Service yesterday. Big thank you to Maria and Charlotte for support.

Clubhouse opens Monday at 3.30pm

Please refer to the Events & Fixture page for what is on today

Due to the U10s DVS and U11s having another friendly, there is a space that we are paying for at Pitchside tonight if any Bromley Green manager wants to grab it 6-7pm. No need to inform me as I will be at the club but seems an ideal opportunity perhaps for one of you youth managers to slot in an extra session? DH

Bromley Green Valiants ‘B’ four wins and a draw – brilliant effort!

Super Sunday for us again at the Abbey School and, due to some surprising results for other teams, our place at the top of the league has been further secured by increasing our points above Charlton. Great display from all players and player of the tournament goes to David for his super effort and overall results today. Well done and we complete this year on a high.

Green on the attack … more photos and full summary from Dave Spencer on the Bromley Green Valiants page

Single goal defeat at Broadstairs but boys are learning quick!

This week, with just 8 of our squad not available (yes 8!) for the trip to play Ramsgate Stars, the boys put up a tremendous show, missing out by a single first half goal. Thomas, Kieran and William all went close for us in a superb second half display but it was just one of those days … not helped by having no changing facilities or toilets which is a disgrace for this level of football with kids having to change in the car park. But the lads are on a learning curve and in the long run they will be fine. Harrison and Harvey in goal caught the eye with Ben and Keiran deserving of the Player of the Match awards. Thanks as always to parents who supported.

Green: Harvey Prior; Ben Hatcher, Harrison Petken, William Spiers, Reiyaan Naunko, Charlie Ward, Henry Barnes, Keiran Branch, Thomas Hawkins, Josh Bailey

Next week we are on the road again, this time to basement outfit Monkton and the following Sunday we have a chance to turn the tables on Thanet United Colts. Training on Thursday is back at Kingswood 6pm and please bring footwear suitable for the hall and the hard court (it is not astro but a concrete surface). Damo will meet us at the side gate 5.45pm … thanks Damo!

Defender Ben Hatcher who had a fine game away to Ramsgate
Keiran Branch who battled away at Broadstairs today
Miles from home, no toilets, and children changing in the car park at Dane Court!
Child cruelty as Timmy submits to Sonia!

Photos courtesy of Candy Hawkins at Broadstairs on Sunday

Sunday: I will open at 8am for the BG Valiants Adults to prepare for their tournament at The Abbey School, Faversham. BGV Juniors to train on the MUGA. Sonia in from 11.30pm.

Only game on is at Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs CT10 2RT with the U12s Pirtek meeting Ramsgate Stars. Meet 11.45am in the clubhouse. Loads of drop-outs again, so revised squad is: Harvey, Ben, Harrison, Thomas, Rieyaan, Henry, Charlie W, Josh, Keiran, William

Charlie Barber – cut above the rest!

Well done to Charlie Barber who continues to develop his game – McDonalds PoM today at Ball Lane in the club’s only game of the day
U12s McDonalds today

Dennis very upset with parents of Under 9s – all dropping out except one this morning and thereby missing out on a free McDonalds! Strange!

Saturday opening 10am till 2pm only as no home games today

There are still bags and garments awaiting collection

8.30pm Friday: Message from Alex Potts that Park Farm have called off Saturday’s match with BG U9 Hurricanes

Switched to away: U12s McDonalds now away on Saturday. Please meet in the clubhouse 10.15am [Game is now at Ball Lane]

Message from Dean: Headcorn have cancelled Saturday’s match

Message from Alex Hebbes: Under 8s Global is OFF on Saturday


Birthday greetings today to Jamie Spiers and Stuart Barnes!

Pitch inspection this morning and any decision by the ground staff is final

Well done to all those who trained last night … some in not too pleasant weather!

Under 12s EKYL

Squad to play away to Ramsgate Stars on Sunday (meet clubhouse 11.45am): Harvey Prior; Charlie Ward, Ben Hatcher, Harrison Petken, Thomas Hawkins, Henry Barnes, Rieyaan Naunko, William Spiers, Keiran Branch, Kris Kostov, Amin Mawloud, Josh Bailey

All managers are invited to send in their squads to create club-wide interest.

Games Bus 19 December 2019

Money to Karen Barnes (U11s), Dave Homewood (U12s EKYL) and Michelle Edwards (U15s). Note U12s is full up.

Children’s Christmas Party 7 December 2019

Any admin or manager that has sold out or has tickets over, please let us know at the weekend … thank you

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