[updated] Christmas week 2019

Boxing Day birthday greetings to Bailey Wickham

Compliments of the Season to all our friends wherever you are

Tuesday: birthday greetings today to Joe Baker and the slightly older Joe Milton!

Great to have a visit from Vice-President Mike Perk on Monday. Mike still supports the website and helps with technical issues (I have plenty of those!) Plus, we have donated a large box of clothes and BGFC garments etc for him to take back to South Africa.

Clubhouse open Monday 11am – 1pm only

Some of the Youth Forum gathering at McDonalds on Sunday (missing from photo are Joseph and Henry plus Mick Gay and Steve Sutton) – thank you to those that supported the event. In all we had thirteen children representing various youth teams with the support of four adults. As always, a big thank you to Dave King for the marvellous hospitality. Anyone wanting to read the Minutes, please contact Karen Barnes or Dave Homewood.

Catching up on some more recent photos …

Joseph and the U11s at the recent Games Bus
Nick Cook from the BGV Juniors Tournament 15 December 2019

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