Tuesday 18 February 2020

Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep. Even though there is nowhere to go.

Reminder that Wednesday is Family Well-Being Day at the Swan Centre 9.30 – 11am and U8s Dreamers manager Tony Nelson is laying on some fun and skills for children aged up to 11 years. All BGFC youngsters are invited, no charge, so come and support the event. There are other stalls, keep fit, advice on diet etc.

Come and collect from the clubhouse

Green jackets

MA                 913    Albie L-H

MA                 925    Marc C

[size 164]     094    Aidan Branch

[size 164]     409    Charlie Bryant

[size 164]   464  Harley White

[size 164]     474    Ben Hatcher

[size 164]     507    Charlie Wright

[size 164]     076    Brentley

[size 164]     914    Jelena

[size 164]     926    Alex Lowe

[size 164]    931 Shanie O’Leary

[size 164]     13141           Cyrus

[size 152]     402    Callum

[size 152]     613    Daeyaan

[size 152]     622    Thomas Raggett

[size 152]     910    Rocco

[size 152]    921     James Kent 

[size 140]    568      Sean Wood

[size 140]     623    Leo Lum

[size 140]     924    Zachary

[size 140]     479    Tyler Quarrie

[size 140]     599    Kuba C

[size 140]     618    Noah Thomas

[size 128]     624    George Collins

[size 128]     919    Fabian

Black Jacket

[size XL]        932    Chris Barker

Thank you to all those who supported Monday night’s meetings and Alex and myself will offer feedback to those it concerns. Thirteen at the Football Forum … super turn-out and thanks to Steve Sutton for taking the minutes.

Quick mention for David Bridge who has achieved his Level 1 … well done!

Under 9s have training as usual on Wednesday 6pm in the MUGA with Adrian followed by free food. Obviously, with so many walking away before the end of the season, we will need a few more players but the loyal ones will be well looked after and become part of the club’s future. Kick off on Saturday at home to West Farleigh is 10am so please let Damion, Adrian or DH know if you are available.

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