The weekend …

Updates on summer tournaments: I have today been informed that Faversham Strike Force are having a year out – so we need to rethink those BG youth teams that have chosen them as an option. Also, affecting the Under 10s, the Medway Cup is full up in all age groups except Under 7s – so we will give that a miss.

BGV Juniors: enjoy those that are involved at Play Football

Nothing on! When this awful weather finally relents and things get going again, we are obviously going to be hectic so be prepared for evening games!

Monday 6-7pm at Pitchside: slot available for any BGFC side to hold extra training. All paid for – contact DH. First come, first served.

Please note that all external training is back to normal in the coming week. There are amendments on Monday and Thursday however; so please refer to the Events & Fixtures page for details.

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