Easter with McDonalds

RIP: sad news – the passing of Peter Bonetti and Stirling Moss

The yesteryears photos explained (please scroll down for the images)

PICTURE 1: 1963-64 Ashford South Secondary Boys School U13 squad. Teacher Mr Callaghan, who spent most lessons enjoying his pipe and practising his golf swing [and if you dared talked during his presence, look out for a flying wooden board rubber]. I am not joking!  The line-up is as follows: Back row– John Millen, Barry Couchman, Jim Cunningham, Gary Swinard, John Britton, Steve Hughes, Richard Pardoe. Front Row – Jeff Hutton, Malcolm Rolfe, Barry Beaney, Colin Steele, Dave Homewood, John Watson.

PICTURE 2: Bond Road Primary School [opposite where the Barnes live] late fifties or early sixties. The football pitch was behind the buildings. The head was a Mr Larkin from Folkestone; while the most-liked teacher was a Mr Llewellyn (who picked the football team!) Most children went on to the Ashford South Secondary School located a few yards away at Jemmett Road. The school at Jemmett then became South Kent College before the new housing development which is happening as we read. Bond Road Primary School has, sadly, long since been lost to new housing. Within a stone’s throw of Bond Road Primary School lived the Brittons, the Hughes, the Rands, the Pilchers, the Packmans, the Homewoods, the Pardoes, the Weeks, the Ainsleys, the Robinsons, the Beers, the Harmers, the Swinards, the Weavers. There’s a mass of Bromley Green players to be there. Shout at me if I have missed any family out! And yes, we didn’t need to lock the doors!

PICTURE 3: The working class welcoming of Essella Park was ‘home’ to football fans for many decades and this picture was taken at the end of the 1967-68 season in the Southern League. In fact, the date is 11 May 1968 and the occasion is the Ashford Town FC Player of the Season award being presented to Bob French. The name of the presenter escapes me but I am sure one of our senior readers will advise. In the centre is a young boy, Andrew Lee, a keen supporter who went on to play for Bromley Green (only Saturday football in them days), run Houchins FC and manage The Harvey Inn amongst other roles. Andy happens to be Stephanie Hone’s father!

Congratulations to Jack and Becky on the birth of a daughter Ada-Mae. Another grandchild for Karen!

Happy birthday on Good Friday to David Truelove!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to you David – hope you have a great day – from McDonalds managers Hollie, Tony and Emmeline

Well, we can safely say, none of us will have experienced an Easter break quite like this one! Seven members of the Executive were due to be accompanying the U12s Pirtek to the Selsey Cup but obviously that has been cancelled. No football or training whatsoever for any of our teams – let’s hope things improve sooner rather than later.

Greavsie fighting for his life

Chelsea, Inter Milan, Tottenham and England legend Jimmy Greaves (80) is still in hospital and awaits the outcome of further tests; but the illness which hospitalised him on Tuesday night is reported as ‘not related to coronavirus’. Best wishes Greavsie.

Fings ain’t what they used to be … some yesteryear images

After desisting thus far, I will give in and, during the next week or so, publish some photos from the past (well, there are no current ones to publish unfortunately). See if you recognise any of the faces!

PICTURE 1: Recognise them?
PICTURE 2: Anyone remember this? Picture is from the late 1950s
PICTURE 3: Happy days at Essella Park – but who do you recognise?

Details of our first three photos will follow soon. More images from yesteryear will be published.

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