Tuesday with sponsors ABM

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Tuesday night update: Timmy is excited as we are in the semi-finals of the Kent U12s FIFA 2020. Keep going boys and girls!

Five more Yesteryears photos … can you name everyone?

PICTURE 19: 18 December 2014. Daniel Searle – but what is the award?
PICTURE 20: Recognise everyone from this sunny morning of 29 November 2014? Scroll up for answers.
PICTURE 21: Easy one this! Alfie PoM 29 November 2014.
PICTURE 22: Under 12s 29 November 2014. Seb, Sam, Keiran, Elliott, Matt, Igor, Jake, Coleton, Callum, Freddie
PICTURE 23: U10s 7 February 2015. Who is in the photo? Answer Barry, Jake, Coleton, Elliott, Oliver, Callum, Freddie, Toby (in the background Cam).

Answers to dhomewood@yahoo.com or PM on Facebook … if you have any interesting local photos, feel free to ping them over

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