Friday 1 May 2020

Happy birthday today to Joshua Bailey!

Belated happy birthday to Harvey!

Harvey with dad and the BGFC Under 8s

Apologies for the breakdown in service – had internet connection issues with both phone and laptop! Nothing new there really …

Anyway, good to hear from former BGFC coach Guido Bulla in response to PICTURE 20 (scroll down to view)

“Blimey, my first experience years as coach were a disaster. I have no issue to admit it, my sessions were not age related but I was very young 6 years ago, today I would never be training as I used to do 6 years ago, it seems like 600 years ago!

I can recognise Maciek, Ronny, Carol, Lea-Ann, Nicole, Alfie, Glenn, Nicky, Leo.

I forgot to mention, given the current times, during these weeks, I have been running 8 miles every other day and, for the first time, since I live in Ashford, I went to Bromley Green Village, I was very surprised, very nice area, very peaceful area and an amazing nature. I remembered that this was the Village, where Bromley Green FC was founded, if I were you, I wouldn’t have brought the club in town.

Regards Guido”

Still need some feedback on some other photos – apologies if you have pinged me and words have become lost in the ether!

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