Sunday 10 May 2020 with Glenn Mackett Construction

Charity events

Thinking positively, we still hope to stage Memorial Matches in respect of absent friends and if there are any dates that might suit certain families, please let me know as the more prepared we are for a return to action, the better. Amongst others, I am thinking of Mark Stanley, Andy Hone, Barry Cunningham, Thomas Habgood, Derek McQuillan and Liza Thompson’s KEEP CALM day. We are also lining up a Vets 6-a-side Invitation Tournament in aid of the NHS. Apologies to anyone inadvertently missed – do get in touch if you are able to support our charity ventures.

Yesteryears photos

I have been asked by John Lockett, Scot Field, Tony Smith and others to source some specific photos … please bear with me as it is not a five-minute task! The Yesteryears images from the past are attracting enormous interest during this lockdown period and, if you have any local photos that evoke memories, please forward them to and we can show them to our readers. Thank you DH.

PICTURE 25: Yesteryears gallery of hairstyles … can you name them? Lee Milton, Lee Milton, Darryl Bartholomew, Glenn Mackett and centre Lee Milton with Lee Gilham

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