Friday 22 May 2020 with McDonalds

Proud sponsors of Bromley Green FC

Happy birthday Friday to Nick Cook, Jodie Campkin Linn and Lewis Hannaford!

PICTURE 54: 3 September 1989 at Bybrook Cemetery pitch. Sunday Reserves away Kennington Ex-Servicemens Club. Won 7-3 (Pre-season friendly). Back: Graham Carter, Wayne Hall, Andrew ‘Nobby’ Charlton, Steve Quinn, Paul Goericke, Jon Andrews. Front: Michael Wyle, David Forrest, Leighton Wicks, Lee McRobert, Matt Stanley.
PICTURE 55: Christmas 1988 at Carters Field. Under 16s v Parents & Staff. Sorry it’s a bit blurry but it was an enjoyable day for all and worth remembering.

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