Saturday 23 May 2020

Birthday greetings today to Louise Bremer and former youth manager Martyn Smith

Apparently, this is a Bank Holiday weekend! Keep safe everyone and don’t break the rules – we are all desperate to be back in action but just be careful.

Yesteryears photos are bringing back memories: keep them coming in – especially something out of the ordinary

PICTURE 56: Lee Carpenter, Keith Ballantyne, Peter Stanley, Nicky Bacon, Paul ‘Sid’ Plumridge [who can name the year?]
PICTURE 57: Going back a bit! Who do you recognise? And what is the year? Clearly visible in the sunlight are Graham Carter, Matt Coles, Andrew Charlton and Derek Diamond. Could be when we played at Bath Meadow?
PICTURE 58: Bromley Green Valiants Open Day attended by Damian Green MP on 1 September 2013

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