Tuesday 26 May 2020 with Pirtek

Proud sponsors of BGFC U12s EKYL

Update: the AFC Minster tournament planned for 20/21 June has been cancelled. There are still a handful of events that we have not heard the fate of … will provide updates as and when received.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Bradley Richards!

Looking back at Whitsun Bank Holidays 30 and 40 years ago with our German friends

No football for us over this Whitsun but fingers crossed things will soon change. In the ‘old days’, we were twinned with SV Munster in what was then West Germany and had some great times.

Lots of memories, including yours truly being sick all over tables and chairs in mid-channel. Dear Alvin Gigg cleared it all up. You see, the then Patron, Bill Mickelborough, tempted me into a massive breakfast on board and then the ferry began to rock and shudder as we left Dover harbour. Up and down in the middle of the Channel — worst feeling ever. Five hours to reach Zeebrugge! The return journey and the rest of the trip was great.

They would visit us on occasions and one year turned up completely unannounced outside my house with a large coach full of expectant footballers! We rallied round and housed them thanks to the fantastic people in our club. Another year, they stayed at our humble facility at Carters Field and loved it. Good times.

Pictured: DH and Munster boss Alfons Giere in 1988

More random photos to bring back memories. Scroll down for the posters of our Whitsun trips to West Germany in 1980 and 1990.

PICTURE 64: BGFC and SV Munster at Carters field in July 1988. Far left is manager Eddie Bloomsmar and far right Vice President Dave R Andrews
PICTURE 65: Whitsun 1980 at our twin club SV Munster
PICTURE 66: Whitsun 1990 at our twin club SV Munster

If any readers have stories/photos from trips and tours, please send them in and we can share. Please send to infobgfc1930@gmail.com

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