Wednesday 3 June 2020 update on training rules

Further update from Lisa concerning First Aid during the coronavirus

Wednesday 11am – 1pm: I will be at the club for constructive talks (deploying social distancing rules). At present, Steve Sutton, David Spencer, Simon Oldfield and Tony Nelson will be joining me. If there is one more from Exec, Managers or Admin, please let me know asap. Obviously you don’t have to stay for two hours but I have to keep to a maximum of 6 persons. Thank you DH

For those managers considering resuming training: please refer to Welfare statement at the bottom of today’s page

Message from Tony Nelson

Under 9 Dream Team start training next Thursday at 6pm. We will begin with a half hour session but, if the children are enjoying and behaving themselves, we can extend the length.

Message from Alex Hebbes

Under 9s Global: we resume training next Tuesday 5.45 – 6.45pm. Marc and myself will take half each to keep within the rule of a maximum of 6 per group including the coaches.

BGV Adults message from David Spencer

Training will commence this Sunday 7 June from 10am until midday
The following players are attending the entire session:

Grant Penfold

Toby Furner

Ryan Johnston

Paul Ricky Johnston

Ashley Fedder

Cameron Spencer

Gemma Johnston

Craig Vennard

Aaron Small

David Warde

Adam North

Chris Marlow

Owen Lewington

Mat Roper

James Campion (Harrison)

Players are to bring plenty of water as much of the session will involve some fitness training.

Rules: I have the changing room key and will only use the far changing room.  We will keep it locked but if players need to use the toilet then at least it’s available. I will bring soap, hand sanitiser and paper towels with me. I will print off the FA Guidelines. I will make sure I have a mask and latex gloves for any first aid.
Apart from this and following the FA Guidelines, I cannot think of any other precautions we need to take.

We look forward to seeing you all.
Best regards

David Spencer

UPDATE: Statement from Welfare Dept, BGFC

As you are all aware by now, some restrictions have been lifted and we are allowed to commence with training again but with this come restrictions. 

We as a club need to follow all rules set up by the FA: ONLY 6 are allowed and that includes the coach. 

By that coaches will have to obtain a time with Dave as you imagine we have several teams that would like to start training ASAP and some that feel it is too soon which is the Coaches decision and no-one should feel pressured into coming back if they feel it’s too soon. 

This is still a dangerous time for everyone and we need to do our part to stay safe. 

Please follow all the rules of the Covid 19 restrictions! 

If a player  or  any  other  household  member  has  any  Covid -19 symptoms  which are  :-Temperature,  dry  cough,  loss  of  taste  or/and  smell). DO NOT ATTEND TRAINING. Please stay at home and contact the Covid help line. 

If you have these symptoms, however mild, stay at home and do not leave your house for 7 days from when your symptoms started (if you live alone), or 14 days (if you live with someone who has symptoms). You do not need to call NHS 111 to go into self-isolation.

If your symptoms worsen during home isolation or are no better after 7 days, contact NHS 111 online. If you have no internet access, you should call NHS 111. For a medical emergency dial 999.

Please avoid  using  public  transport  to  attend  training  (training  is  not  essential). 

Please arrive  and  depart  in  your  training  kit  as  the  changing  rooms  are  not  in operation.

Bring enough water/fluids  to  last  the  entire  training  session. 

Bring any PPE that they  may feel  more  comfortable  using  during  training  (mask,  gloves  etc). 

At all  times  you  must  maintain a 2m distance to  attend  training from  anyone outside  your  household. 

No sharing of equipment. Eg boots,  shin  pads  or  keeper  gloves.    **Please  bring  your  own** 

Please do not bring  your  own football. 

If you have your  own sanitiser  you’re  welcome  to  bring  this  with  you.  If bringing drinks bags etc with you could you remember   please  ensure  these are also at least 2m apart.

Can all parents please take their child’s temperature before bringing them to their training sessions. And also stay 2 meters apart when dropping their child off with their coaches. It is all our job to stay safe in these times and the more we do the safer we all will be. 

There is strictly  to  be  no  contact  football training just drills and so forth. 

The clubhouse will still remain shut until the committee decides it is safe to open. 

Good luck and stay safe out there. 

Kind regards Lisa (Welfare)

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