Looking at the coming week

Following a busy weekend, we look forward to another week of planning and socially-distanced training

Firstly, thanks to those who attended the Mini-6 meeting on Sunday when, as usual, there was plenty of frank discussion and, I believe, some positive steps forward were made. The notes will be sent out to all managers, admins and Executive as soon as I have time.

For this week’s training schedule, please refer to the Events & Fixtures page. Note we will be opening at 4pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

PLEASE! Put garment sizes on the BGFC Membership Form when signing. I can’t guess players’ sizes!

The Mini-6 meeting on Tuesday @6.30pm is fully subscribed. If there are any items you wish to have placed on the agenda, please inform DH in advance.

To confirm, yet again, that all registrations are to go through Lisa who will oversee the WGS. Anyone still owing money will not be registered – so don’t keep leaving it thinking it will go away! if you wish to talk to her, Lisa’s contact details are on the Contact Us page. Thank you.

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