Midweek updates 12 August 2020

134 days to Christmas … just saying!

Thursday: Happy birthday to Edwin Cotton, Tom Carpenter and Katie Mansfield!

Training Thursday is as per the schedule on the Events & Fixtures page – please remember that FA guidance still applies

Excellent discussions with our friends from CACT yesterday and thanks to Damion, Henry and Karen for their support

URGENT: Under 15s training with Ian Mace is OFF Wednesday night as only 3 players available

Well done boys! Tonight’s photo from a sweltering Waterside

Alfie Potts and Ethan Webb who were rewarded by McDonalds for their attendance, up-to-date school work and exemplary behaviour during the covid crisis

No mention of my brilliant hat-trick on Sunday! – Andrew Trott

Anyone not registered and set-up their standing order will need to contact Lisa now on 07713450042

Birthday greetings Tuesday to Emma Castle and John Butcher!

Training Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as normal but there is an instruction from Grant that the large container is not to be opened now. He has his reasons, so please let’s work with him to get through the next few months. Weekend training is ok to go ahead, under the same circumstances. Any manager/admin that needs footballs, equipment please let me know in advance – BUT please note you will have to store at home during this period as I have no intention of hanging around every night until you have all finished training.

In a few weeks we are spending £5000 on the top senior pitch area where there is a dip – so please anticipate another directive from Grant as it is pointless appointing experts to remedy the problem if half of Ashford is trampling all over it. The timing of this is perfect, slotting into the challenging transitional period.

Please remember the clubhouse and changing unit are out of bounds – so no toilets or water. They are dangerous following asbestos testing etc and we no longer have keys. Our agreement with ABC is to be at least 50 yards from the facility for training (what members of the public do is not our concern).

Thanking you all for your understanding – I did warn that during rebuild we all need to keep our cool and it will be worth the angst in the end. DH

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