Wednesday 19 August 2020 with MILCOL

Sponsors of BGFC U7s

Update: Please check with your manager if in any doubt about training being on due to the weather. The only cancellation so far is Peter Orji and the Under 11s.

Lots of training but only one match this evening as Tony and the U9 Dreamers go to Hythe (opposite the swimming pool) for a friendly with a 6pm kick off.

All registrations and photos should be completed by now. Any lingerers, please phone Lisa on 07713450042 or email her at

Can parents please respond to any FA emails concerning their child’s registration on the Whole Game System – I know it is painful but apparently it has to be done. One parent did ask me “Supposing I don’t use emails?” Good question to which I do not have an answer! All part of modern technology and progress.

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