Weekend round-up

Alex Hebbes is back in Ashford on Monday and will be contacting senior managers for a meeting very shortly to discuss pressing matters

DVS round-up, Saturday and Sunday seniors and Under 15s win … please scroll down

Saturday seniors fixtures for September are now on the Events & Fixtures page

Happy birthday Sunday to Charlie Barton – don’t be late for training!

Happy bunch at Sunday morning training … with cakes for Charlie Barber!

Sunday seniors summaries

Absolutely great game end to end against our friends from The Albion
With Bromley Green Reserves, I think dominating in spells, Alfie dropping in at centre half with Brad, Brian and Michael playing out of their skins against Kent league players. On the day, Alfie man of the match. We lost to a deflected goal in the last few minutes of the game but was the better side for long periods. Lee Carrot made a couple of quality saves during the game. Report by Sid Hone. 

Meanwhile at Rolvenden, the firsts had a 4-0 success against Glenclik with the goal of the game provided straight from a goal kick by keeper Kenny Denton. Jamie Hurst netted with his trusted left foot from the penalty spot while there were excellent displays from Baz Ahmetaj and Connor Gower.

Updates on the DVS sides

On Saturday we went to Thanet United and came away with a great performance but the result went against us losing 2-1.

Then this morning we went to Tyler Hill and got both great performance and result with game the game finishing 2-2 also this was the first game we had the full squad available. Below is a photo of Bromley Green DVS U8s after today’s game in a temporary kit. 

Bromley Green U8s DVS at Tyler Hill

U12s DVS summary by John Butcher

Going to get back into the swing of things with the match reports again. Only a couple of more friendlies before the season kicks off again and we are in a proper league. So want to get these going again. 

Thanet 1 – 7 Bromley Green ( Phoebe 5 ⚽️13 ⚽️47 ⚽️Jack 10⚽️39 ⚽️Cameron 48⚽️James 49⚽️) 

After our midweek win where we scored 7. But know we could have played better, we were after the performance this time around and not necessarily the score line and boy did the team deliver. 

Thanet are by all accounts a good team and like us are on the back of a strong  season where they were the team to beat in their area last year so this was always going to be a good test 

We welcomed two additional players to help make the numbers up this week as we had some players that couldn’t make it and James and Jesse both stepped in from the other Bromley Green team to help out. 

Looking at Thanet you could have been forgiven for thinking they were U12s the size of some of the kids they had but we kicked off and right from the start we could tell this was going to be a different performance from midweek. 

The shape of the team looked good right from the off and we were playing in the opposition half right from the first whistle. 

It only took 5 minutes and Phoebe opened the scoring with a fine finish to put us 1 nil up and help settle us a bit more into the game. 

Shortly after that and again with us dominating the play Jack took a long range shot from the left hand side of the pitch and what appeared to be a ball going well wide curled nicely around to hit the top right post and in. Our linesman Gareth was poised and ready to tell him off for shooting so far out but It was cracking shot that then set the scene for the rest of the game . 😂 

3 minutes later and this time it was Phoebes turn and from not as far out but still a fair distance she looked up took measure and put one right over the keeper and into the back of the net. 3-0

In the game itself we looked strong all over the pitch. Cameron was having much more success down the left hand side, taking players on more and putting in the tackles. 

Midfield with Keane , Jesse , James and sometimes Jack and Phoebe bossed it a lot more today. The bounces didn’t bother us as much or we got to the second balls more. Taking fewer touches in the middle and passing it a lot quicker and smoother this week. We also were not shy to stand up to them and tackle or put muscle them and you wouldn’t have thought we were the smaller team.

Gerrard played on the right for the 2nd or third game now and caused all sorts of problems for them. One fine piece of skill and a cross and we scored again with Jack getting on the end of the ball but the ref thought he saw a hand being used by Cameron and disallowed the goal. It didn’t matter though as we were in control at all times. 

On the 28th minutes Jesse put in a superb tackle took the ball cleanly that personified how well we were playing . 

We did concede one goal but that might have been generous as Dean is certain there was a hand used and an offside in the lead up to it but we will forgive them for that. The occasions they did trouble us the defense were once again rock solid with Rhys and Lewis playing most of the game together at the back and not really letting them have a sniff. They also played the ball out so much better this week receiving the ball from Zak and picking the right passes at the right times. 

More goals came throughout , a fine solo goal from James , a well battled goal from Phoebe and also a fine team goal with James picking out Gerrard who used some nice skill to round a player , cross it in and got Jack to finish. 

I actually didn’t want the game to be over it was that enjoyable to watch them play but it did draw to an end and 7-1 was the final score.

Post game and the opposition manager was very impressed and thanked us for the challenge and the wake up call as they  had been on a good winning streak. 

We couldn’t pick a player of the match for this game as they all played so well and as a team. 

Well done Boys and Girl. Superb effort and roll on the next game.

From John Butcher 

6-1 win for Saturday seniors at Chartham

A good work out for the newly-shaped Saturday seniors with Chris 2, Charlie 1, Mickey 1 and  Alfie 2 our marksmen. Lots of positives for the management team of Brian, Ian and Benn – well played lads.

U15s in good nick at New Romney

Today’s game against Grasshoppers: the wind was really strong and we went behind 1-0 early doors; but were soon back on level terms with a super strike from Brentley. This was followed by 2 from Joe Clarke then we was hot after more with the whole team’s performance rising. Alex and Jack added goals with the score ending 8-1 in our favour. Good squad performance. Sid.

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