Friday 11 September 2020 with TMS Protection

Sponsors of BGFC Under 16s

Birthday greetings Friday to Reece Pringle!

Plenty of football on Saturday – let’s please adhere to the FA procedures concerning social distancing and using sanitizer

Under 14s squad for tomorrow’s match at neighbours Pilgrims

[Meet 9am in our car park]

Jamie; Cameron, Cayden, Orlando, Herk, Kieran, Jacob, Alex, Xander, Haydn, Ryan, Hozan, Simos, Chelsea

Saturday squad for tomorrow’s away match at Woodchurch

[Meet 1.15pm in our car park]

Tom Messenger; Benn Phillips, Matt Wedge, Reece Pringle, Chris Boxshall, Charlie Wallis, Conor Little, Harvey Luxford, Alan Lamprycht, Brian Petkin, Connor Gower, Luke Couper, Hassan Tejan, Sid Hone, Owen Taylor, Alfie Glendinning

Neither Mersham or ourselves have a pitch available on Saturday which means the Under 16s game has had to be postponed until a later date

Under 18s training starts early at 10am this Sunday with Gavin Janes

Winter training: we are still trying to find venues after being let down by Pitchside. Let Shane know please if you have any ideas as our usual slots at schools are not being hired out until at least the new year!

Pitches to play on during the season: again a nightmare but Karen, Steph and Alex Potts have come up with ideas that are being followed up. If anyone has suggestions, please contact me and I will ask. Thank you DH

Utilitas group hit by illness and injury

Disappointment for Timmy and the U13s Utilitas squad as tomorrow’s away game is off due to no less than six players out either injured or ill.

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