Friday 8 October 2020

Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely

Urgent update: Saturday’s home U13s game between BGFC Utilitas and Park Farm Rangers has unfortunately fell foul to long-term injuries, illness and parental fears surrounding covid.

Saturday’s squad at home to Len Valley

Benn Phillips
Luke Couper
Harry Lane
Ashley Webster
Tyler O’Gorman
Beau O’Gorman
Matt Wedge
Chris Boxshall
Tom Messenger
Brian Petkin
Harvey Luxford
Sid Hone
Reece Pringle
Lenny Russell
Owen Taylor

Birthday wishes Friday go to Callum Monaghan and Connor Maher!

Today’s photos as knockdown continues

Wow … these trenches are deep!
More trenches

Michal: the biggest kid at Thursday night training!

Look what I didn’t win!

Under 8s club bags now printed

Bag numberPlayer
636Robert Todd
637Hudson King 
638Cooper Beeching
639Ralphy Burt
640Bradley Phillips
U8s club bags ready for distribution

Note: the following already have their bags from last season

430 Archie Mansfield

907 Ashton Lawrence

1465 Casey Monk

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