Thursday 29 October 2020

Happy birthday today to Daeyaan Naunko!

Lucky for all you parents … all training is ON this evening!
A break in aerating as the Under 14s have extra training this morning … with no local league youth fixtures, Grant has them there again on Saturday morning!
Spot the tractor at work on pitch improvements early this morning

Well done to the BGV Juniors last night – a few puddles are not a problem (parents might disagree!)

Under 14s Skoda Caffyns please remember you are training THIS MORNING at Waterside 9-11am. With us in knockdown, remember no toilets or running water.

Another packed night of training on Thursday – please refer to the Events & Fixture page if in any doubt

Fingers crossed for no more rain overnight as our pitch improvers are in at 7am today

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