The weekend [minus football] with Skoda Caffyns

Lest we forget
Skoda Caffyns proud to sponsor BGFC U14s and U15s

It will soon fly by! Wednesday 2 December and we are back in training ready for a packed programme leading up until Christmas.

Welcome to new defender Lee Harcourt (30) who is joining our senior set up and will sign forms today

Happy birthday Saturday to Cam-Ron, Paula Bibbings and Michael Maher!

Internal note – sizes needed please for club jackets, bottoms, polos, t-shirts as dozens have not fully completed their BGFC membership forms. Therefore, I cannot order them. Email me at please if you are not sure. Thanks DH.

Yesteryear photo number 93. Ashford Town, Bromley Green and Market Hotel legend, George Magri, at a wet Wittersham in the 1983 Weald of Kent Cup Final. George starred as the Green won against fellow Ashford side RHM.

Yesteryear photo number 94 at Butlins 3 April 2017

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