Friday into the weekend …

Birthday greetings Friday to former youth manager Sam Phelan!

Tribute from our Honorary President, Chris Dorsett

Stan Donald

It is with great sadness that I, and I’m sure all members, past and present, learned of the sad passing away of our former Chairman, Secretary and player Stan Donald. 

Stan I remember as a gritty, determined and skilful midfield player back in the day and he managed to play over 150 times for the Green. 

Once though in the BGFC family he quickly was persuaded to help behind the scenes and held the position of Club Secretary for many years and did an enormous amount of work to ensure the games through various age groups, and leagues, were meticulously organised which was no mean feet when we were pretty much the largest football club in East Kent. Later on he took the position of Club Chairman and bought his vast experience, learned not only at BGFC, but also whilst representing the club, serving on the Kent County Football Association for many years as well as many other local league management committees too, which benefited the Club enormously and helped in the success we achieved at all levels of the game. Stan couldn’t resist a role, and football in general and particularly BGFC was all the better for his efforts.

I, and I’m sure those who worked with Stan will remember him as principled, honest, determined, hard working, long serving, and I believe now a true legend of the Club, and will know for certain that BGFC would not be where it is now if it wasn’t for his efforts over such a long time.  He will be sorely missed. 

Anyone who new Stan, like Dave Homewood and I did,  would know that Stan had but one annoying habit, he would always be late for everything, playing, meetings, whatever,  but I have to say that his passing at this young age is the first time he was ever too early for anything and for that I, and I’m sure we all, feel saddened.

Our condolences go to Stephen and Laura as Stan is to be reunited with his lovely wife Irene.

RIP Stan

One thought on “Friday into the weekend …

  1. A lovely tribute Chris – you’re not wrong about his annoying habit of being late. Steven and I often told him a time at least half an hour earlier just so he might actually arrive on time!

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