Apologies to all those who turned up for the 5pm and 6pm training sessions tonight – I will email explanation to parents later but between keys and phone (plus my doziness) everything went wrong and I finally reached Repton at 6.28pm! Unlocked for Gavin and the U18s and went home. Not a good day to put it mildly.

Birthday greetings Thursday to Casey Monk and former manager Sean Phelan. Also, belated Happy Birthday wishes to two super lads – Ryan Lester and Leo Lum, plus two lovely ladies Nicola Holloway and Sarah Cracroft. Due to my all-too-frequent internet problems, you fell off the radar! Oh and Alvin has clarified that he is 61 now and Matt Stanley 60!

Tonight there is training at Repton for the U7/U8 Development Squad (5pm), the U13 EKYL Pirtek squad (6pm) and the U18s (7pm). With Will away due to personal reasons, Gavin will take the session. If players are not going to attend, please inform the trainer as early in the day as possible. Lets have a good turn out for the last training night before Christmas.

The following items have arrived and pick-up times from our car park (socially distanced) will be announced on here for Friday morning and Saturday morning collection

XLA Stanno Rain JacketInitials JS right lapel frontand on reverse COACHJamie Spiers
XLA Stanno Rain JacketInitials BP right lapel front and on reverse COACHBrian Petken
LA Green Jacket Number 013 and BadgeTom Messenger
LA Green JacketNumber 577 and BadgeChris Boxshall
LA Green JacketNumber 920 and BadgeHarvey Luxford
LA Green JacketNumber 922 and BadgeJacob Santer
MA Green JacketNumber 937 and BadgeLuke Harcourt
MA Green JacketNumber 219 and BadgeEthan Rogers
MA Green JacketNumber 342 and BadgeBenn Phillips
MA Green JacketNumber 344 and BadgeCharlie Wren
MA Green JacketNumber 104 and BadgeLuke Couper
12yr Green Jacket size 152Number 933 and BadgeCharlie Barton
12yr Green Jacket size 152Number 935 and BadgeSamuel Spiers
12yr Green Jacket size 152Number 915 and BadgeCam-Ron Waller
14yr Green Jacket size 164Number 117 and BadgeDanny-Lee Watts
14yr Green Jacket size 164Number 118 and BadgeHarry Bloodworth
14yr Green Jacket size 164Number 934 and BadgeGabriel Mika
14yr Green Jacket size 164Number 359 and BadgeCharlie Rivett
Back packNumber 430 and BadgeArchie Mansfield
Back packNumber 1465 and BadgeCasey Monk
Back packNumber 906 and BadgeJames Truelove
Back packNumber 486 and BadgeDavid Truelove
Back packNumber 921 and BadgeJames Kent
Back packNumber 348 and BadgeAiden Caka
Back packNumber 658 and BadgeWilliam Pumeris
Medium size bagNumber 104 and BadgeLuke Couper
Medium size bagNumber 082 and BadgeLiam OLeary
Medium size bagNumber 117 and BadgeDanny Lee W
Medium size bagNumber 118 and BadgeHarry Bloodworth
Medium size bagNumber 344 and BadgeCharlie Wren
Medium size bagNumber 239 and BadgeRonnie Dudley
Medium size bagNumber 552 and BadgeKiran Bailey
Medium size bagNumber 553 and BadgeGeorge Mason
Medium size bagNumber 556 and BadgeInioluwa 
Medium size bagNumber 557 and BadgeCameron Wratt
Medium size bagNumber 334 and BadgeSeaton B
Large size bagNumber 342 and BadgeBenn Phillips
Large size bagNumber 170 and BadgeAlfie G
Large size bagNumber 242 and BadgeBrian Petken
Large size bagNumber 424 and BadgeWayne Humphrys
Large size bagNumber 333 and BadgeKai Jones
Large size bagNumber 219 and BadgeEthan Rogers
Large size bagNumber 550 and BadgeReece Pringle
Large size bagNumber 551 and BadgeAlan Lamprycht
Large size bagNumber 560 and BadgeJosh Kennedy
Large size bagNumber 559 and BadgeAlfie Gower
Large size bagNumber 554 and BadgeKian Feltham
Large size bagNumber 555 and BadgeReuben Buss
Large size bagNumber 558 and BadgeBradley Kadjo
Large size bagNumber 382 and Badge Harvey Smith
Large size bagNumber 913 and BadgeAidan Harding
Med adults bottoms Orlando Caka
Large adults bottoms Tom Messenger
Size 164 youth bottoms Callum Noakes
Collection times to follow

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