Happy New Year! Patron’s Message, training still an option for youths

Happy 21st on Sunday to Ellis Middleton!

Terrific training sessions for the U11 Hurricanes and U13s EKYL at Waterside on Saturday morning. Alex Potts was very pleased with the Hurricanes (pictured) ‘David and I were really impressed with the boys today – a great training session’.

  • LANYARDS WILL BE AT THE CLUB SATURDAY FOR David Bridge, Grant Turner, Alex Potts, Jack Pereira, Joe Milton, Tony Nelson, Peter Orji, Steve Sutton

Honorary Patron’s New Year Message

Surreal! The past twelve months, ostensibly a year to celebrate our club’s remarkable achievement of 90 years existence, has been just that. Surreal – with society confused and the football fraternity, on and off the field, completely bemused. It has largely been a year to remember for too many wrong reasons.

When circumstances permit, we will pay due homage to the heart breaking losses that several members of our Green family have suffered during 2020. We cannot replace Stan and his legacy of 42 years serving local football; however, we must ensure that his dedication and honesty remain as examples for younger members to follow. 

Traditionally, this is a time for reflection; but I feel now is the moment for us all to try and move on and look forward to better times. Of course, so much depends on the covid situation. I can only ask you to refer to the website regularly for training and fixtures updates (home page and Events & Fixtures page).

On the field of play, thank you to all the managers, admins and players for your efforts and I know some were bitterly disappointed at not being able to collect well-earned league accolades due to lockdown. Despite needing to hire venues for training and matches, credit is due to all for keeping things together. Having no home until we are up and running again has certainly pushed our patience, resources and levels of communication to the limit. That said, my thanks go to AnnMarie and Ernie at Sandyacres and staff at Kingswood and Repton – without their cooperation, we would be completely homeless!

Clearly, we are desperate to begin operating from the new clubhouse and by the time everything is ready to go, we will have laboured for over a year with no income from the bar, teas, food, sweets etc. The fact that we remain solvent after such a prolonged period of non-activity bears testimony to the Executive’s fiscal policies and, most pertinently, the resolve of over 90% of our members who have maintained their standing order commitments during difficult times. An amazing gesture and, without you all showing such true club spirit, things would be grim. Fitting out the new home will cost one large sum of money – and I mean large! So a massive thanks to one and all. I will add that those members in financial difficulties are welcome to contact me in confidence and support will be considered. No player should be denied membership as a result of [genuine] financial problems.

Pre-planning for future player/team development is ongoing and both the Youth Forum and the Football Forum will provide opportunities for the young and experienced to have a say, and play a part, in the club’s future planning.

For children in particular, it is so disappointing for them not to have their parties, Christmas presents from the real father Christmas, flip-outs, games buses and so forth. Trips and tours sadly had to be aborted. But I promise we will put this right as soon as physically possible. For adults, we have missed the Vets games and charity matches in memory of those long-gone but never forgotten. Again, these special days will return as soon as it is practically possible.

In conclusion, sincere greetings are sent to our wonderful sponsors, our extended family in Australia, Wales, Spain, the USA and indeed many far-flung places.

Wishing everybody during these surreal times a Happy New Year and please remember the famous Green motto Friendship in distress is the essence of virtue

Dave Homewood

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