Only Valiants training survives latest lockdown

Update message from the EKYL The league management committee will meet on Monday 22nd February after the school holidays

Birthday greetings on Tuesday to Andy Sutton and Kurtis Hooper!

As feared, we are embarking upon another new lockdown. We will keep out of the politics, although there does appear to be a continued and growing abundance of experts on our screens!

The upshot is that only our Junior Valiants are permitted to train and they assemble on Wednesday in the MUGA @5pm. Bring astros or trainers as we will be in the MUGA – and of course invite friends who will be made welcome. Players need to be aged 13 years or under. So far, we have Rylan, Daniel, Ethan and Joshua confirmed for Wednesday and, despite the weird times we are in, it would be great to welcome a few new faces. Just turn up or contact for further details.

So, back to lockdown but, on a brighter note, our leagues are all determined to complete the season – which is encouraging news and evening matches are always brilliant social events – so fingers crossed! Let us all stick together and pray this virus is gone sooner rather than later and we complete the season with a flurry of fixtures.

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