Thursday 28 January 2021

Happy birthday today to young star Patrik Chatzis!

A number of committee colleagues have had their email accounts hacked into – also, scams are themselves a pandemic at the moment so please be careful

A reminder that support is available if any of our members are struggling with issues during these unprecedented times. Contact details for our Welfare Department and Mental Health Champion are on the Contact Us page.

In answer to questions about when we are restarting, none of us know of course. We must follow Government and FA directives. To date, only one league (Kent Youth League) has scrapped the season. The Kent FA is conducting a survey asking whether clubs wish to abandon the season, wait until there is a restart and go on until the end of May or even June, and/or hold tournaments. From the Bromley Green point of view, we are ready to fire on all cylinders just as soon as we get the nod. So frustrating – but we can only wait and take it as it comes.

Tournaments – if everything goes to plan, we will be organising our own. Plus we hope to enter plenty more across the county – no charge for those players on standing orders.

Bags and garments – at last they are in stock in virtually all sizes. Some are printed with club logo and membership number and in storage while others will be printed once I have the sizes required. Please ensure sizes are on membership forms as I am wasting hours chasing around for basic information – thank you.

Someone has forwarded £16 to our bank with the reference off debt – so I have no idea who it is from. If the payer/player could identify themself please at

Youth managers/admin please note

McDonalds have kindly provided free meal vouchers for children acting responsibly during lockdown and keeping up with their school work. Please forward names for consideration (there are a few per team, so please make sure nominations are those genuinely taking their school work seriously). Thank you

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