Tuesday 2 February 2021 with DVS Flower Distribution

Birthday greetings on Tuesday to Caz Prior, Michelle Thornby, Ben Hatcher, Thomas Mason and former players Guy Farmer and Ollie Mitchell!

Young Greens setting a scholarly example … well done!

Hard working Keane is loving it … keep your pictures coming in by PM or email

Just a few McDonalds vouchers remain to acknowledge the application and hard work our youngsters are putting into their school work. If your child is taking their studying seriously then feel free to nominate them (quickly now please as it is first come, first served). Nominations by email only now to dhomewood@yahoo.com

Please consider supporting our fantastic sponsors. Once we finally return to playing, we are going to seek backing for our U18s as they move into senior football plus several of the younger groups as they become too big for their current strips! Scroll down the Menu for a list of our sponsors.

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