Into the weekend … no football, a chilly Valentines Day!

More BGFC youth players receive McDonalds vouchers in recognition of school studies during lockdown

Well done Reuben!
Reward for his school work during lockdown – well done our Bertie!
Edwin is delighted with his reward for school work

Change of address? Please let me know as recently some mail has gone to old homes! Thanks DH

What would you like to drink?

Vote now for your choice – perhaps Stella or Fosters, Dark Fruit, Spitfire, Guinness or Guest Ale?

Yes, members aged 18 or over can now vote for their favourite draught drinks in the new clubhouse

Please only vote for THREE from the following list and we will see how things go

Guinness, Stella, Fosters, Budweiser, Dark Fruit, Thatchers, John Smiths, Spitfire, Guest Ale … or bit of intetest today in McEwans

As this is, hopefully, a sensible ballot without banter and stupid comments, mail responses only please to

Results will be considered by the Executive and announced prior to opening night – deadline for voting next Friday (19 February 2021) Cheers DH

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