Sunday 28 March 2021

Well, did you remember to move your clocks forward one hour?

Birthday greetings today to Suzie Jeffreys and Marion Daniels!

Well done to the East Kent Youth League who are refunding all cup fees for this ruined season … £80 received this morning for U13s/U18s cups; plus they are not charging for new registrations under the circumstances

Training and meetings resume tomorrow – please refer to the 2021 Events & Fixtures page for details

Monday 6pm = Executive mini-6 with 1 slot remaining

Monday 7pm = Football Forum Mini-6 with 3 slots remaining

Hygiene certificate … congratulations to Karen Barnes

All members of food serving staff are asked to obtain the L2 Hygiene and Safety for Catering Certificate prior to our clubhouse opening. Karen is the first to complete online. Message her if you have any questions. The club will reimburse costs to all applicants.

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