Friday 21st May 2021

Happy birthday to our Chairman’s (elect) wife, Katie

Match Report from the 19th May

Apologies to Dean and the U12DVS squad for the late post of their match report!!!

Charing 1-11 Bromley Green

Phoebe⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ James ⚽️⚽️ Gerrard ⚽️⚽️  William ⚽️ Lewis ⚽️ Cameron ⚽️

Bromley back to their best

After a round of poor results bromley green were looking forward to what on paper should have been an easier game.

All set for a league game rescheduled due to our Charlton tournament, however due to a clerical error the game ended up being a friendly.

Now I can’t really remember the flow of the game in all honesty as their was so much action but it was a brilliant display of football all round.

Our starting 9 saw Lewis stepping up in goal due to a last minute injury to Zak and a tactical change with our formation playing 3 at the back and pushing the wingers into a more advanced role.

The first half saw us play the type of football we had become used to, playing it on the ground , passing it about and looking like a well oiled machine. 3 goals were  scored in this half . 2 for Phoebe and 1 for James and it could have been double this amount of goals,  we looked that devastating, but for their keeper though who was a giant in the goal and kept the scoreline more respectful. Just before half time they managed to peg one back with their center forward outmuscling the defense and managing to score from 6 yard out .

The brief at half time was simple, keep doing what you are doing and drill the ball low when shooting.

In the second half though we became a clinical monster and as the confidence grew so too did the score line.  More goals from Phoebe and another from James added to the tally and Gerrard , William ,and Cameron joined in the party as well. With 15 minutes remaining Lewis swaps with Jack and plays outfield moving forward as a striker and Jack dons the keeper gloves. It was all out attack now and we came at them through the middle , out on the wings , over the top and even around the corner , we were relentless at times. Chances came and went for our makeshift striker , but in the dying seconds an unselfish lay off from Gerrard landed at Lewis’s feet and boooom 💥 💥 he buries it to make it 1-11.  His first goal in green and very well deserved indeed.

A lovely demonstration of football and a joy to watch them all playing with a smile on their faces

The perfect set up for the team before they head off for the big tournaments his weekend

Well done boys and girl 👏 👏🙌🙌💥💥 Role on Charlton

Game Update

Saturday Seniors game against Biddenden is OFF due to the opposition unable to raise a side.

The Sunday side are in Sheber Cup Semi Final action at Sandyacres against Ashford United 3rds.

Clubhouse and Surrounding Areas

As everyone Can see the Club house is getting close to being fully open and able to be used by every one, but can we ask all players and parents not to slide/walk on the new sloped grass areas around new footpaths in front of the Clubhouse as the new turf will be damaged and be an expense for us to have replaced!!

New tables and chairs being assembled

Also it has been notice by the Club and members of the public that there seems to be an increase in the amount of people spitting unnecessarily. Please can this be stopped, Coaches please speak to all your players and explain that this is an unnecessary action and needs to be curbed.

Kent FA launch New Mental Health Youth Ambassador Programme

If you are intreseted in knowing more about this topic please click on the link below:

Kent FA Mental Health