Sunday 13 June 2021

Another weekend of great weather and expectations of great football, was brought to earth yesterday with the incident that has affected the health of Christian Eriksen.

While we all passionately support our Clubs and National sides, what happen to Christian Eriksen yesterday, shows what the football community can be like, bringing us all together in shock. no supporter wants to see this happen to any player, whether this is at a professional or grassroots level.

All at Bromley Green FC and its supporters wish Erik a speedy and safe recovery, and hopefully see him grace a football pitch somewhere. Also we would wish the Rest of the Denmark and Finland squads the best in their journey to deal with this incident having been so close to the incident and worried for a fellow teammate.

In moments like this it can show how strong a team bond is, with the Denmark Team surrounding their stricken teammate to afford him some dignity while he received the prompt life saving treatment he required.

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