Wednesday 21 July 2021

There are still items of club garments left for players to collect. See the below lists to see if you have anything waiting to be picked up.

Items awaiting collection from the clubhouse 20/7/21 Box 1 and 2


104- Luke Couper. Blue Polo (Senior)

474-Ben Hatcher. Bue T-Shirt (Juniors)

915-Cameron Waller. Green Jacket (Damien)

613-Daeyaan Naunko . Green Jacket

219-Ethan Rogers. Green Jacket

602-Noah Mitchell. Green Jacket

491-Kai Nelson. Green Jacket

589- Patrik Chatziz. Blue T-Shirt (Peter)

476-Freddie Churchman. Green Jacket (Peter)

525-Tiana Wretham. Green Jacket and Bag

538-Ethan Hills . 2 x Blue Polo and 1 T-Shirt

536-Cayden Furnell

Box 2

556-Inioluwa Oyewola. Holdall

651-Tyler Parsons. Holdall

658- William Pumeris, Holdall

659-Hossam Ebrahim. Holdall

239- Ronnie Dudley. Holdall (under 18’s)

333-Kai Jones. Holdall  (under 18’s)

334-Seaton Bartholemew. Holdall (U13 Mcdonalds)

128 George Mortimer. Holdall

Items ready for collection from clubhouse. 20/7/21 (Box 4 and 5)

538 Ethan Hills (Box 4) Bag

562 Oliver Denney (Box 4) Bag

563 Oscar Wait (Box 4) Bag

046 Aayan Pandey (Box 4) Bag

062 Raphael Kwarteng (Box 4) Bag

063 Daniel Kwarteng (Box 4) Bag

065 George Sharp (Box 4) Bag

084 Leo May (Box 4) Bag

089 Brooklyn Hadley (Box 5) Bag

580 Josh Wilkinson (Box 5) T-Shirt

500 Tommy Newberry (Box 5) Bag, T-Shirt and Polo and Green Jacket (Age 6)

485 Noah Moxham. (Box 5) Bag, Blue polo and Green Jacket (Age 6)

070 Ethan Simmons (Box 5) Bag

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